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Before we launch the online version of this course, we want to make sure the results are every bit as phenomenal as they are in the live sessions. We're offering this pre-launch test to get real feedback from real women. Take a look at our course video, where we explain our method and how the beta test works.  If it looks like this is the right fit for you we would love you to join us!

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Based on the latest research in women's health

We have tried and tested these methods based on the best practices in clinical rehabilitation and strength training. We have worked in exercise physiology for over 15 years, with literally hundreds of women. We know this stuff works.

This is the most complete course you will ever do

No steps are skipped in this program. We start you from the ground up - no matter what level you are currently at. Nearly every woman who has come through this program has learned that the reason they weren't getting a result -was because they were taught the wrong method for their body.

Amazing Results - for over 300 women and counting

The women in our courses have healed abdominal separations incontinence and back pain - even when they had been experiencing them for years.  It is literally never too late to resolve core and pelvic floor issues, and create a long, strong body.


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