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"I participated in the programs all through pregnancy and the post birth, and made a quick recovery.  I also learned how to strength train properly, and can lift more now than I could before I was pregnant." Anna, 39, GP.

The only program that bridges the gap between the healing you need, and the strength and fitness you want. 

"I wanted to create a program that not only dealt with all of the common orthpaedic issues that women face post partum, but that would also teach them how to move beyond just needing to heal.  When women become strong, from the deepest layer out, they learn how to connect to their bodies. They learn how to listen and pay attention, loving not only what they look like, but how competent and capable they truly are."

Kristy Ahale has worked in the field of exercise rehabilitation for over 15 years, specialising in back pain, pre and post natal recovery, and strength training. 


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"6 weeks into level 1 and I no longer needed a pad to play netball. By the end of level 2 I was stronger than before I got pregnant. My stomach is so much firmer and flatter that I wish I'd taken before and after pics! 3 finger separation completely healed. Kristy has so much knowledge and genuine desire to help and support us through the whole program, I wish I had found her when I had my first 2 kids. "

Kate, age 39


What women from our community have said...


"My back pain has completely disappeared - which I had before I even had kids, I didn't think I was ever gonna see the end of that. "


"This course is unbelievable. You're a freakin magician."


"4 finger separation is now closed.  I honestly thought I was headed for surgery and it terrified me."


"So happy to have found something reputable and someone who is an expert."


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