Exactly how to activate you pelvic floor to stop leaking, heal abdominal separation and back pain 

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level 1

Assess and heal abdominal separation

Strengthen the deep spinal stabilisers that heal back pain 

Fully integrate the pelvic floor so you become pain free, leak free and worry free. 


level 2

Create deep pelvic stability using the 6 muscles that must work with the pelvic floor for lasting results

Run, jump and lift pain free, leak free

Joint by joint assessment and strengthening

level 3

Integrated strength work that includes the pelvic floor so it becomes stronger as the rest of your body does

Advanced core exercises that strengthen and increase muscle tone in the abdominals, glutes (your butt muscles) and back

You'll see your body change every. single. week. 

12 session each level.  15 minutes a day. 

Each level is designed to build on one another in a linear fashion: so you make the progress you need to without doing any damage.  

You don't need hundreds of workouts. You just need the exact exercises - done in the right order - to heal properly. 



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"6 weeks into level 1 and I no longer needed a pad to play netball. By the end of level 2 I was stronger than before I got pregnant. My stomach is so much firmer and flatter that I wish I'd taken before and after pics! 3 finger separation completely healed. Kristy has so much knowledge and genuine desire to help and support us through the whole program, I wish I had found her when I had my first 2 kids. "

Kate, age 39

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What women from our community have said...


"My back pain has completely disappeared - which I had before I even had kids, I didn't think I was ever gonna see the end of that. "


"This course is unbelievable. You're a freakin magician."


"4 finger separation is now closed.  I honestly thought I was headed for surgery and it terrified me."


"So happy to have found something reputable and someone who is an expert."



Learn exactly how to activate your deep core and pelvic floor here now (90% of women in our program did not know this when they started)

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90% of the women in our program didn't know this info before they started with us.