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Ready to transform your core and pelvic floor - for good?


How we exercise the core and pelvic floor has changed. 

Are you using old information?

Too many of us are doing exercise that doesn't work more than 6 weeks postpartum...

(think endless clenches, tightening, and squeezes).

 If this is your experience, you're not alone.

If you still have a soft, jelly like feeling in your belly, or don't have full control over your deep abdominal muscles or ahem... your pelvic floor, we can help. 


There's an exact science to gaining a lean, strong core, and a perfectly functioning pelvic floor. 

And it doesn't involve choosing from hundreds of workouts (oh so confusing - even to us).

One specific sequence each week - designed to follow on from the last - in a linear fashion.

Because that's how you get stronger every. single. session.

Without accidentally doing any damage (hello leaking).

Without accidentally opening that ab separation instead of closing it.

No fluff.  No fillers. 

Evidence based. The latest research in exercise rehabilitation and women's health. 


Our program has helped hundreds of women alleviate abdominal separation, bladder leakage, hypertonicity and back pain. 

You'll connect to that inner layer of abdominal muscle that literally:

lifts your internal organs (goodbye prolapse)

draws everything visually up and inwards (goodbye soft, jelly like feeling)

supports the spine in a way no other muscles can (goodbye back pain)

90% of the women we surveyed in our program didn't know how to do this before they started.




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