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3 great stretches for long walks with the pram

Walking is great if your bub is happy in the pram (mine was not!).

The pros:

It’s outside, in the fresh air and natural light. 

It’s a change of scenery, a chance to get out amongst other people if you’ve been busy or housebound.

It's great for both fitness and calming the nervous system.

The cons:

It can leave your back tight, feet sore, or maybe even your knees or hips feel it the next day. 

Fixing the arms onto the pram can make the chest tight as it doesn’t allow for much rotation, and when we start to tire  (going uphill, or at the end of a long walk) we tend to lean forward and push on the pram for support. 

This is usually when we'll bear down on our lower belly and pelvic floor, sticking our butt back and really bending forward at the hips. This changes the way we use our feet and knees.  

And over time, this can cause some pain - especially in our backs!


Here are 3 easy and quick little stretches you can do before and after each walk  – just hold for 20 seconds.


How can we fix "pram posture"?

Activating your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles before a long walk is a great way to ensure your deep core muscles are awake and ready to assist your body posture.  We usually lean on the pram and change position because our abdominals have fatigued. 

Strong glutes combined with good hip mobility and foot mechanics also make a huge difference.  

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Kristy Ahale is an Exercise Scientist specialising in orthopaedics and strength training.


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