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Back Pain? See if this tiny muscle is working correctly.


The multifidus muscles are tiny stabilisers that work at each segment of the spine.  They are part of the 'deep' muscles of the spine.

Just like in our abdominals, it's essential that this inner set of muscles is activating and working correctly during movement, to prevent pain and injury.

What's special about the multifidus muscles is that they connect directly to our deep ab muscles and pelvic floor. They run on the same neurological loop, and are a part of the complete inner unit of the core. 


What does this mean for your pelvic floor and abs?

 It means that the multifidus muscles need to be working well in order for the whole deep core to work properly. 

The 'inner unit' of the core. The spinal stabiliser muscles are every bit as crucial as the abdominals and pelvic floor.


What happens if these little muscles aren't activating well?

It's hard to keep good posture without our spinal stabilisers (the multifidus muscles). Instead we tend to overuse our stronger lower back muscles, which can create tension and pain. 


They are part of our shock absorption system for any impact activity. 


The multifidus muscles help support and cushion our spine each time we land from impact.


Here's an exercise to get these muscles warmed up and working



Combined with deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises, your entire inner unit will be off to a great start.


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Kristy Ahale is an Exercise Scientist, with over 20 years experience in the field of orthopaedic rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. 



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