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The best exercise to start with if you want to run


How do we get back to running once we've had kids?


If it's something you're keen to do (by no means is it essential) then the first step is checking that your core can control your pelvis and shoulders when you're lifting one leg. 


It's a surprisingly hard thing to do well - without rotation, without bracing, and without leaning way over to one side (ahem - cheating). 


Things to look out for

* Keep your spine straight and still - avoid arching or twisting

* Keep your shoulders in line with your wrists and the elbows soft

* Keep your chin tucked and head in line with your spine (not falling towards the floor). 


Start with only lifting the arms for a set, then only lifting the legs for a set (12 reps).

Once you've mastered this and can maintain a light pelvic floor activation, progress to the opposite arm to leg lift.  This motion mimics the stability required in running so it's a brilliant starting point. 


* If you suffer from wrist pain during this exercise you may want to address this - you can find out more here


For more exercises including our full Ready To Run program, check out the Core and Pelvic Floor Program here. 


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